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  1. Anonymous

    Ich klau das jetzt einfach mal! Ich Denke A. C. versteht das… (B

    The people were left in utmost slavery and ignorance by the
    wise counsel of the first of the philosophers of Atlas, who had
    written: “An empty brain is a threat to Society.” He had
    consequently instituted a system of mental culture, comprising
    two parts:
    1. As a basis, a mass of useless disconnected facts.
    2. A superstructure of lies.
    Part 1 was compulsory; the people then took Part 2 without
    The language of the plains was simple but profuse. They had
    few nouns and fewer verbs. ‘To work again’ (there was no word for
    ‘to work’ simply), ‘to eat again’, ‘to break the law’ (no word
    for ‘to break the law again’), ‘to come from without’, ‘to find
    light’ (i.e. to go to the phosphorus factory) were almost the
    only verbs used by adults. The young men and women had a verb-
    language yet simpler, and of degraded coarseness. All had,
    however, an extraordinary wealth of adjectives, most of them
    meaningless, as attached to no noun ideas, and a great quantity
    of abstract nouns such as ‘Liberty’, ‘Progress’, without which no
    refined inhabitant could consider a sentence complete. He would
    introduce them into a discussion on the most material subjects.
    “The immoral snub-nose”, “the unprogressive teeth”, “lascivious
    music”, “reactionary eyebrows”–such were phrases familiar to
    all. “To eat again, to sleep again, to work again, to find the
    light–that is Liberty, that is Progress” was a proverb common in
    every mouth.
    The religion of the people was Protestant Christianity in all
    essentials, but with an even closer dependence upon God. They
    asserted its formulae, without attaching any meaning to the
    words, in a manner both reverent and passionate. Sexual life was
    entirely forbidden to the workers, a single breach implying
    relegation to the phosphorus works.
    In every field was, however, an enormous tablet of rock,
    carved on one side with a representation of the three stages of
    life: the fields, the labour mill, the factory; and on the other
    side with these words: “To enter Atlas, fly.” Beneath this an
    elaborate series of graphic pictures showed how to acquire the
    art of flying. During all the generations of Atlas, not one man
    had been known to take advantage of these instructions.

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